The finished product from Greener Composting stays on the farm where it is produced, so continuing its environmentally conscious journey.  It is used as a soil improver for the agricultural land providing a valuable source of nutrients to the light Staffordshire soils at Wall. 


Greener Composting is delivering a natural process where the benefits of the end product can be seen directly in the farming business.  A positive approach to your waste disposal can help the natural environment with real results.


Greener Composting is an extension of a large family farm.  It has benefitted the arable side of the farm greatly, resulting in higher yields of all crops and a better organic content of the soil. 


The farming business continues to expand with Stuart Ryman at the helm; Stuart and his team do a large amount of contracting work – drilling, spraying, combining etc – as well as very successfully farming over a thousand acres of land.  The team are always interested in further contracting or farming oppurtunities.  Stuart can be contacted through Greener Composting’s ‘Contact Us’ section.