“What products does Greener Composting take?”

We take clean organic waste from various different industrial, commercial and domestic sources.  Examples include tree surgeon waste,  garden waste, food (non-meat product) waste and animal feed waste. 

Please ‘Contact Us‘ to discuss your individual requirements.


“What the opening hours?”

We are open from 7.30am – 5pm Mon-Fri and from 7.30am-12pm Sat


“Where is Greener Composting  located?”

We are very easy to find.  We are located just south of Lichfield close to the A5 ,A38 and M6 Toll Road.  Please see our location section.


“How can I contact Greener Composting?”

We are happy to be contacted by e-mail, telephone, fax or post.  Please see our ‘Contact Us’   section for details.


“What quantity of green waste will Greener Composting accept?”

We can take any size of load from small domestic van loads to articulated lorry loads. 


“How much does it cost to bring green waste to Greener Composting?”

Our price varies depending on waste type and level of cleanliness, as well as quantity.  Please ‘Contact Us‘ to discuss your individual waste needs.


“Why use Greener Composting?”

As a company, we  highly value our customers.  We aim to offer a friendly efficient service and are  one of the most easily accessible composting facilities in the UK.