The 2007 Waste Strategy (DEFRA) sets some specific targets, for example:


• Recycle or compost 40% of household waste by 2010, 45% by 2015 and 50% by 2020.


• Reduce the amount of household waste not reused, recycled or composted from 22.2 million tonnes in 2000 to 15.8 million tonnes in 2010, with an aspiration of 12.2 million tonnes in 2020.


• Achieve net annual reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions from waste management by 9.3 million tonnes of CO2  compared to 2006 (equivalent to taking about 3 million cars off the road).


It is clear that in this climate of reducing landfill, composting has an important role to play.  Composting helps to contribute to divert organic waste from landfill, as well as helping businesses to achieve their waste disposal targets in a cost-effective way. Greener Composting can help you and your company acheive your environmental and business goals.