The process of turning the incoming waste into outgoing compost is time consuming and involves a great deal of human intervention as the waste needs to be sorted by hand. Waste that is not sorted at source needs to be sorted at some point and this is usually when it reaches a composting site such as Greener Composting.

The composting process is as follows:

1. Various types of green waste are sorted and cleaned by hand to remove any non-green items from the mix

2. Waste is then shredded and screened pre-composting, to ensure cleanliness of the combined waste

3. Shredded waste is placed in windows, where it is monitored for temperature and moisture whilst being turned every week for a period of 8-12 weeks.

4. During this time the matter will have reached temperatures of above 60ËšC allowing the breakdown of organic matter and ensuring sterilisation

5. The waste is now in a suitable state to be transferred to the fields prior to spreading.